Breastfeeding is a natural act and should be a time for bonding and relaxation between mother and child. Occasionally, there are stituations where a nursing mother may prefer the option to breastfeed privately.  This may be when at home with guests and neighbours visiting, when out at a restaurant, or other public place.  The reasons may be preference, or cultural.

EZ Cape is the convenient solution for discreet breastfeeding when this is desired.

EZ Cape is draped around the shoulders and covers the mother's bosom and the feeding child.  The mother can maintain eye contact with the baby and vice versa.  So discrete, many won't even realise you have a nursing baby under the cape, so peaceful is the experience for the baby.

Portable and easily folded, the cape can be secured around the mother's neck with just one hand.  The comfort of mother and baby are foremost in the design of the EZ Cape.

EZ Cape is affordable and practical and makes the ideal gift for expectant and nursing mothers.  Unlike vests and tops adapted for breastfeeding, you only bring out the EZ Cape when you need it.  You don't have to wear it all day long and can choose exactly what you want to wear as EZ Cape is worn over existing clothing.

Made of cotton with handy pockets, they come in a variety of designs.

Green and blue floral print EZ Cape